2 weeks left

We are less than 2 weeks away from the arrival of our 2,000 chickens & 150 turkeys and we have a lot left to finish. Sad to say we will be one person short this weekend in order to help with the last details required in order to be ready for the arrive of the birds. Miranda, last night, accidental scolded herself. Therefore Isabella, Reyna and I will be left to finish the new chicken pen.Left to do are;

1)      Install the perimeter fencing. (approx.. 200’ of chain link fence)

2)      Install the last four pair of roof trusses.

3)      Screw down the 5/4” cross board for the covered portion on each side of the far side (west side) sea container.

4)      Install the gates @ the east end pen.

5)      Unroll & Install the large game fencing (as roofing) on the open air potion of the coral.

6)      Build the west side walls.

7)      Install the metal roofing on the west portion of the pen.

8)      Build a pair of 40’ planter beds.

9)      Drill 1” holes in the 45 gal drums which act as feeders for the chickens.

10)   Stain 9 mini pallets to support the feeders.

11)   Backfill the perimeter fencing.

12)   Fill the planters

13)   Install the windows

As you can see we are nearly there.  Whatever can’t be finished this weekend will need to be completed next weekend, therefore you may not see us @ the start of the Callingwood Farmers Market until the following weekend.


Wish us luck :)

Before this weekend ...

As of today …


On Monday, I will update you on our progress.


a 1/4 of the way done

a 1/4 of the way done


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