Here is our progress so far

 northside covered portion Inside Flowerbed - northside IMG_7143 IMG_7140 IMG_7139 IMG_7136 IMG_7134 IMG_7133 IMG_7132 IMG_7131 IMG_7130 IMG_7129 IMG_7125 IMG_7124 IMG_7123 IMG_7122 IMG_7121 IMG_7118 IMG_7117 IMG_7116 IMG_7115 IMG_7114 IMG_7113 IMG_7112 IMG_7111 IMG_7110 IMG_7109 IMG_7108 Eastside wall #1 Chainlink & Netting on northside

Left to do – (as of May 12, 2013)

 1)      Install eastside windows. (60’)

2)      Install the eastside chain link fencing (approx. 60’) & gates

3)      Build on  40’ planter beds & fill with dirt

4)      Install the remaining 70 % of the metal roofing on the west portion of the pen

5)      Install 2 segments of the large game fencing (as roofing) on the open air potion of the coral (cut and stretch)

6)      Stain 9 mini pallets to support the feeders

As you can see we are nearly there.  You will not see us @ the Callingwood Farmers Market until the weekend of May 26, 2013

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