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About the Farm

Bear Springs Farms is an organic farm near Smoky Lake, Alberta, northeast of Edmonton. We started the farm in 2007, choosing the name from the spring in front of our home and the regular visits from brown and black bears.

We use environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, such as rotational grazing.

The family team of four runs the farm: Paul and Reyna with their two daughters Miranda and Isabella.

Paul met Reyna while both of their parents attended the University of Mexico. After they married, Paul and Reyna decided they wanted to raise a family in a wholesome and healthy manner, and so began Bear Springs Farm.

Reyna is trained as a large animal veterinarian. Currently, she runs the cafeteria at the local school and has successfully eliminated all junk food from the menu. Thanks to Reyna, our school serves fresh, not processed, salads, soups, pizzas and sandwiches.

About the Animals

In a typical year, we raise 1,500 chickens, 100 turkeys, 40 cows, 30 sheep and 20 goats. All of our animals are raised indoors until they are old enough to live outside. All of our animals are free range and pasture raised.

Animal Nutrition

All of our animals consume grass and insects as well as organic feed. No hormones, no antibiotics and no additives are used.

Let us deliver to you the best-tasting organic food you have ever had.