All of our animals are free range and pasture raised. They eat natural feed and grass – no hormones, no antibiotics and no additives. Our poultry are processed and vacuum packed in a government-inspected facility.

No minimum orders required. You can purchase our products at farmers’ markets, or we can deliver. Read our pick-up and delivery page for details.

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Our Products

  • Eggs (brown and white)
  • Chicken (fresh and frozen)
  • Turkey (fresh and frozen)
  • Goat
  • Lamb and mutton

Farm-Fresh Eggs – Brown and White

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Egg carton showing brown and white eggs

Farm-fresh brown and white eggs for your breakfast

Our organic, farm-fresh eggs are from free-range chickens.

  • Prices
  • White Eggs
  • $4 for 12 eggs
  • $5 for 12 jumbo eggs
  • $6 for 18 eggs
  • Brown Eggs
  • $5 for 12 eggs
  • $7.50 for 18 eggs

Free-Range, Organic Chickens – Whole and Parts

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Free-range chickens eating

Our chickens have lots of room to move

Our chickens range freely in our pastures enjoying grass, insects and organic feed. You’ll savour the natural, full-bodied flavour of meat that has no hormones, antibiotics or additives.

When you order, specify if you prefer fresh or frozen meat.

  • Prices
  • Whole: $4/lb., vacuum packed
  • Breasts: $9.25/lb, vacuum packed, boneless, with or without skin
  • Drumsticks: $4.25/lb., vacuum packed with 8 per pack.
  • Thighs: $4.75/lb., vacuum packed with 8 per pack.
  • Legs and backs: $4.25/lb., vacuum packed with 4 per pack.
  • Wings: $5.50/lb., vacuum packed with 12 per pack.
  • Soup bones: $6, two carcasses per pack

Free-Range, Organic Turkeys

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Free-range turkeys

Our pasture-raised turkeys

Our free-range turkeys are pasture raised supplemented with all-natural feed containing no hormones, antibiotics or additives. Enjoy the full-bodied flavour of an organic turkey for your next Thanksgiving.

We recommend you order by August as we only raise about 100 each year.

Is a whole turkey too much? We also sell half birds.

  • Price
  • Whole turkey: $3.85 per pound
  • Half turkey: $4.25 per pound
  • Turkeys range from 8 to 15 pounds.

Free-Range Goats and Sheep

Goats eating hay

Pastured goats eating hay

Our pasture-raised goats and sheep are sold live. Please contact us for details.


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  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering what the meaning behind the “un-inspected” card on the egg carton I purchased?



    • The province requires ungraded eggs sold at farmers’ markets to be labelled with the word “uninspected.”

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